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 The biggest problem with Heart of the Wild

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PostSubject: The biggest problem with Heart of the Wild   Tue May 22, 2012 2:35 pm

This is the single biggest issue with Heart of the wild:

[GW's explanation of mistweaver design]
"We’ve changed Eminence from working on auto-attacks, since this would encourage monk healers to auto-attack just for those heal procs. Regarding our “vision” for the spec (in terms of PvE), it is currently (and this could change, of course):

Melee healing MistweaverYou position your statue near the ranged to heal them, and you are in melee. Your rotation is similar to a Windwalker’s, except you spread Renewing Mists out and Uplift during AOE phases. For AOE, you use Spinning Crane Kick and one of the last tier talents. You almost never cast Soothing Mist, Enveloping Mist or hard cast a Surging Mist unless you absolutely have to. If something doesn’t deal damage, you don’t want to cast it.
Ranged healing MistweaverYou aren’t in melee, you’re at range. You may position your statue near the melee since they're farthest away. You mostly cast Soothing Mist since your statue also casts it with you, and burn through your Chi with Enveloping Mist. While moving you put down Healing Spheres near people you think may become injured (or on top of those who are). If you want to add in some damage, cast Cracking Jade Lightning. Cast Renewing Mist whenever it's up. Roll/Chi Torpedo into injured members and use Spinning Crane Kick to heal them up. Use the Chi you generate through Spinning Crane Kick on Uplift.

Also, depending on the fight, you can switch between both of those modes (using Transcendence to teleport back and forth into melee). There will inevitably be encounters where one is better than the other, and we feel that’s okay. That is going to the life of a Mistweaver Monk."

The fact that the mistweaver design is for you to be able to do this any time you want, at your leisure without leaning on a cooldown. Why can't I do this on my druid, the very class that defined hybrid gameplay? Very much looks like I'll have to switch my main...
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PostSubject: Re: The biggest problem with Heart of the Wild   Tue May 22, 2012 6:52 pm

I hear alot of druids are switching mains come MOP.

I've already been dubbed the Mistweaver Monk for xpac in our guild. Lissanna is thinking of going mage and I know about 6 others either going Monk or another class.

I think its mainly because the changes for Druids are NOT exciting and personally, feel sad and depressing. (clown armor anyone?)

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PostSubject: Re: The biggest problem with Heart of the Wild   Tue May 22, 2012 7:55 pm

yeah, that all sound about right. I guess for me, I like my druid, I enjoy playing my druid but what I've seen so far from the beta and design notes (from a resto perspective) is not all that new for my druid. What do we have? the hybrid talents, ability to mix and match old utility talents from the current druid specs, symbiosis and healing shrooms?

1. While I really like hybrid gameplay, I just can't help but feel that when its associated with a cooldown its completely inferior to the offerings of priests and monks that have that gameplay always on.

2. Now I can get typhoon, intimidating shout, treants, etc. in resto, yeah kinda cool still kinda high on the meh-meter.

3. Ok, symbiosis, also kinda cool, some interesting new game play to the resto druid, but again just more of the same from alts I've played. Feels really only like a patch to 10-man raid comp issues.

4. healing shrooms, I know liss really promoted this but I think maybe she was thinking about something that could be quickly patched in for cataclysm. For now it feels like the design team trying to be too slick in repurposing a mechanic from another druid spec and not a mechanic that we'd really like in the end with the benefit of a new expansion's development time.

Now I know that resto didn't really see super dramatic changes in past expansions either but when I'm faced with choices like going guardian and playing with the new world of active mitigation or moving to a class that is just doing hybrid gameplay the right way instead of some hacked up way they're trying for druids then blizzard really isn't selling me on staying a resto druid. To me that's the bottom line.
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PostSubject: Re: The biggest problem with Heart of the Wild   

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The biggest problem with Heart of the Wild
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