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PostSubject: Stubbytommy   Stubbytommy Icon_minitimeWed Dec 14, 2011 11:58 pm



Epitaph - Caelestrasz

10m prog guild currently 1/8 heroic 8/8 Norm in week 1.

Latest Kill Shot: (screenshot)
Didn't get a screenshot but Heroic Morchok went down after about 1.5 hours. Very challenging not from a healing perspective. Found that most of the damge going out was easily healed with deaths only due to unhealable instant death damage.

Have been raiding resto druid since WOTLK Naxx. Took 3months off during Ulduar days to travel overseas so missed out on that content. Cleared TOC ICC and all Cata content, bar Sinestra and Heroic Rag. My personal thoughts on 4.3 druid are that the WG nerf was needed as it was pretty op for the healing it provided. I used to top charts with zero effort at all. Now with the nerf i have been brought back down to the other two healers i raid with (Resto sham and Holy pally) And on most fights its tight with us all between about 500k heals from 3rd to 1st. However in LFR i smash everyone including one with 4 pallies and a priest.

Current goal is to get through the remaining heroic content short term its Vas the ooze boss which is starting to cause us some headaches but quietly confident of a kill early Jan.
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PostSubject: Re: Stubbytommy   Stubbytommy Icon_minitimeTue Dec 20, 2011 8:13 pm

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