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 Rules of the Board

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Rules of the Board Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the Board   Rules of the Board Icon_minitimeMon Dec 05, 2011 12:59 pm

Basic Rules of the Forum:

1) Treat others the way you want to be treated. Seriously, this isn't the World of Warcraft Forums.
2) Cussing is allowed, but if you go overboard, your posts can and will be edited!
3)No pornographic images, reading..NADDA (this inculdes avatars/signatures)
4) No spamming
5) If you wish to discuss theorycrafting, don't be afraid to. However, getting in a heated argument over it will warrant a warning and pruning of the topic.

3 strikes, you're out! This is the rule. You will be given 3 warnings and then banned for a week from the forums. If the case is serve enough, no warnings may be given and you can/will get banned without a notice.

Ranting Forum:
Everyone needs to vent about something ingame. Afterall, we play with other people. Cussing is allowed in the forum. HOWEVER, you are not allowed to name the person(s) that you are ranting about. If you state a name, your post will be deleted and you will be given a warning.

Also remember, this is an open forum. So anyone can respond to your rant. If they respond with anger, or you respond with anger, the topic will be deleted and action will be taken. So tread lightly in this section.

You can have a max signature of 500wx200h. You cannot have multiple signature images. Should you surpass this, we will let you know and disable your signature. If you continue to refuse to fix the signature, we will start with the warning. Upon first notification, you have 1 week to fix your signature before action is taken. (If you go slightly over, don't fret. We won't bother you)

Complaints about ads
This is a free forum. I don't expect people to donate, but if you want to bitch about ads, I suggest getting an AdBlocker from Firefox or donating.

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Rules of the Board
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